Friday, February 19, 2010

At least he could move to Catalonia

We are trying to get Bagel to ease up a bit on his obsession with poop. He asked me if he could have a whoopee cushion, and I told him no, since his entire day is usually taken up in adding scatological words to ordinary activities and I didn't want to add an entire layer of sound effects to it. I told him if he could go an entire day without talking about poop, farts, or other defecatory topics, I'd get him a whoopee cushion. So far, no success. But he is becoming more aware of his poop obsession.

And now I discover that there is an entire country (OK, technically an area of a country) where he'd fit right in: Catalonia. Evidently their culture is obsessed with pooping. Their traditional Christmas decor includes small statues of people pooping. Children get presents and candy by beating a log until it poops them out. That sounds like something right up Bagel's alley, since it involves both beating and pooping. (I just hope Bagel doesn't find out about this until he's older, though, because I really don't want to have to spend every Christmas rescuing Knuckles from being beaten underneath a blanket for not pooping out all the candy he's been sneaking. I could just see him doing that.)

This gives me hope for the future. If Bagel never does outgrow his obsession with pooping, at least I can suggest that he move to Catalonia, where his Christmas holidays will be extremely joyous.