Monday, December 21, 2009

President Obama In A Box

One of the kids (I forget which, but I think it was Bagel since he thinks these kinds of things are hilariously funny) joked that he wanted Barack Obama for a Christmas present. (I suppose he was picking the most absurd thing he could think of and giggling at the thought.) I told him that he'd know if he had President Obama under the tree because there'd be a big box with someone banging on the inside saying "Let me out, I'm the President Of The United States!"

A few days later, Knuckles' present* from his grandparents appeared under the tree wrapped in a very, very large box, big enough to fit an adult person inside. It's easily the biggest present under the tree, and the kids were all marveling at the thought of what could be inside. Recalling the earlier joke, I said "It's President Obama!" and banged on the back side of the box saying "Let me out, I'm the President Of The United States!" in a muffled voice. And we all got a good laugh out of that.

Well, the joke is starting to become a running gag. Every time they ask (again) "What's in that giant box?" I tell them "It's Barack Obama, silly!" The kids are starting to come up with theories as to how President Obama got into the box. Sonshine's is that someone told him it was a Porta-Potty. Once they unwrap him on Christmas day, they'll play with him by having him sign executive orders.

Move over, Zhu Zhu Pets: President Obama is the new hot Christmas gift! It's kind of like Prince Albert In A Can... only it's President Obama In A Box!

* In case you're wondering what could be in such a large box, keep wondering. But I assure you it's a Wonderful, Awesome Gift Of Nothing.