Tuesday, December 08, 2009

I, For One, Welcome Our New Baby Overlord

My next-to-littlest brother and his wonderful wife have brought a baby girl into the world. It is my practice not to use real names on the blog; however I will say that the name they have given her would, if called out, cause more than a little mistaken identity at any 18th century ball with European royalty in attendance. As she is likely to be confused with royalty, I shall pre-emptively declare her the Queen of Logan. However, I will not be able to swear fealty to her, as I am currently a vassal of Prince Bagel, heir to the Empire of the Universe, whose actual name would cause some confusion if called out at any gathering of Hapsburgs.

This development complicates any possibility of a dynastic marriage to unite the Empire of the Universe with the Kingdom of Logan, because Mormon bishops don't generally grant dispensations for first cousins to marry, and President Monson is unlikely to take bribes to make sure the dispensation gets granted.

Congratulations to the happy new parents!