Thursday, November 05, 2009

Creative Tea Party Swag

I saw Dana Loesch wearing a Gadsden Flag pendant on PJTV, and it looked like the sort of thing one might find on Etsy, were there any Etsians willing to cater to the Tea Party crowd (a doubtful proposition seeing as how Etsy mostly leans left). So I thought I'd go over to Etsy and cure the high blood pressure caused by reading about the latest health care proposal with the time-honored female cure for everything that ails you: shopping!

I did find a Gadsden Flag pendant, though it wasn't as large as Dana's. The same seller also has a Constitution pendant. There were a few other Tea Party related jewelry items, though it took a lot of sifting through Alice In Wonderland stuff to find them. (In fact, that would make a GREAT Tea Party themed idea: who in Congress is not as mad as a hatter?) There was this letter T pendant made from a recycled Starbucks gift card, this understated Tea Party Express necklace, and a Scrabble letter pin.

There was also a Taxed Enough Already drink cozy. An upcycled notebook with the famous Benjamin Franklin quote about liberty and security would make an excellent Tea Party journal. A couple of buttons express Tea Party style sentiments: "Liberty And Justice For All (not available in all areas)" and "In Memory Of The Bill Of Rights." And a couple of word art pieces with the same quote, though attributed to both Nancy Reagan and Eleanor Roosevelt: "A woman is like a teabag, you can't tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water."

Getting into some fine art, we have this still life of a teacup with Gadsden Flag tag on the end of the tea bag string. And then there is this collage with teabags; though I don't know what it means, it spoke to me. Perhaps it's symbolic of the Tea Party movement pulling the GOP leadership along.

Last, because everyone needs some irony in their diet, here is a book flask hidden inside a book called "The Constitution Of Liberty". With a title like that, the Health Nannies will never find your secret stash... at least till they run out of toilet paper. And from the Department of Unintentional Irony, here is a Liberty Broom. Every good Tea Partier needs one to sweep the bums out of office.

Every year, our family buys a Christmas ornament to commemorate the most important thing we did that year. Princess suggested that we find a Tea Party ornament. I found this little gem, which is just perfect! If you wanted to buy it, sorry, I got there first! But I suppose you could always request that the seller make another.

Any of these (except maybe the $1000 collage, which few of us could afford) would make an excellent holiday gift for the Tea Partier among your family or friends!