Thursday, October 22, 2009

All Vaxed Up

After some frenetic scheduling and multiple trips to the Health Department over the last couple of days, we've now got everyone* immunized against both seasonal flu and swine flu, and Princess and I had tetanus shots as well.

* Except Knuckles, who is allergic to eggs and therefore can't have any of the flu immunizations. There actually is a protocol for immunizing the egg-allergic for flu, but it's kind of involved and would take all day long and I don't think our health department can handle it. Since we've got everyone in the family immunized now, which covers the most likely route by which he would get the flu, I think he'll be fine. Oh, and they were only giving swine flu vax to people under 24, so FH and I couldn't get it (we're just slightly too old). But everybody's got every flu vax available to them.

Standard Disclaimer For Blogging About Vaccines: Please do not contact me regarding the danger of my children getting autism from vaccines. Besides the fact that there's no conclusive proof of a link, there's also the fact that half of them already have autism, so I don't really have much to lose. ;) Seriously, I understand about risks, probably better than a lot of the people out there who talk about them, since I've taken coursework in probability and statistics. And better than most anti-vaxers, I also understand why scientific studies can't conclusively prove there is no link, and it has nothing to do with the New World Order or the Bilderbergers. So I hereby ward off the anti-vax crowd by beating them over the head with my diploma. It's crude, but it works. And hey, at least I can use it for something!