Friday, October 02, 2009

My Idea To Improve Washington DC

Here is my brilliant idea to improve Washington DC.

First, we find a cooperative legislator willing to take part in this plan.
Then we have this legislator insert language into bills requiring Nancy Pelosi's underwear to be run up the Capitol flagpole the day after the law is signed by President Obama. He might have to do it in more than one piece, so that nobody cottons on to what he's doing. They don't read the bills anyway, but in case one of them actually does read it, we don't want them tipping everyone off.
Once the law is passed and signed, we have someone inform Speaker Pelosi what the law entails. Then we watch and enjoy!

After that, I would hope that everyone in Congress would start reading the bills, if only to make sure it's not their underwear up next. If the problem persists, we could always do it again, targeting a different legislator each time, until they start reading the bills.