Monday, December 07, 2009

Who Let The Rabbits Out?

Low temperatures have been hovering around 10-15 degrees around here, so we brought the LesBuns* indoors to wait out the cold snap. They were fine, until today Knuckles decided to let them out. Twice. They did get him back by peeing on his Santa hat, though, but they also made some other messes that now I have to clean up. So I took a bike lock and locked up their cage. I figured a combination lock was our safest bet. I put the combo on a label on the back of the lock so that Princess, Sonshine, and FH could open it easily. If I used a key lock, Knuckles could find my keys and unlock it; but he can't read two-digit numbers and can't master the unlocking procedure.

* For those not familiar with the LesBuns, they are a bonded pair of female rabbits, one of whom keeps on mounting the other's head. We got them on Freecycle; when I got them home and the kids observed their behavior, I had a lot of explaining to do...