Monday, December 14, 2009

Today's Gratitude Moment

I am grateful that Bagel doesn't know any words dirtier than "poop" and "screw you," and he knows he'll get soap in his mouth for "screw you" so now he just exclaims "Screw!" and loudly protests that he meant the metal fastener as he's dragged to the nearest sink for his soaping. Bagel, like Sonshine at his age, enjoys saying shocking things.

The other day he discovered that there was a word more terrible than "poop" called the "F word," that the other kids mentioned in hushed tones. Bagel knows his alphabet, but evidently it hadn't occurred to him that there might be a one-to-one correspondence between letters and dirty words. So as a young connoisseur of provocative speech, naturally he was curious to learn more about the powers of this "F word," and perhaps discover the entire alphabet of them. He badgered me all day to reveal to him what the mysterious word was, but I wouldn't budge. I told him it was a filthy "potty word" and I wasn't going to say it.

The funny thing is, Princess and Sonshine inquired about dirty words at about his age, and I had The DiscussionTM with them about dirty words, telling them the words and what they mean and why we don't use them. But I won't do it with Bagel, because I know he's just getting tired of yelling "Poop!" all the time and is looking to trade up.