Monday, December 14, 2009

They're Playing Dreidel

...they just don't realize the dreidels are weighted.

I bought a bunch of cheap dreidels from Oriental Trading several years ago, for a Hanukkah presentation in Princess' class. We've got about half a dozen of them left. The kids found them and decided they wanted to play dreidel. But they're so cheaply made that the stem of the dreidel is off center, making the dreidels more likely to land on one particular side. For some of the dreidels, it's "nun," others land on "gimel" or "he" or "shin" all the time. The "nun" dreidel makes for a very boring game.

At any rate, it doesn't matter. The game just dissolved in a screaming fight, with Bagel throwing his candy coins at the wall and Princess trying to pound Sonshine for allegedly eating hers, while Knuckles eats all the unattended candy. He just likes making the dreidel spin. Once everybody took their fights upstairs, he remained there, spinning the dreidel and putting the occasional candy in the center pot.