Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Letter To Rep. Bishop (my Representative)

Dear Representative Bishop:

I am writing to request that you write a letter to the House Energy and Commerce Committee urging them to hold a hearing on the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, also known as CPSIA or HR 4040, which was passed in August 2008.

I have been speaking with your staffer G----- about this issue and he has expressed to me that you have deep concerns about this measure (for which you voted) and its effects on small business and all who have children. I would urge you to put those concerns on the record, and join Rep. Matheson and Sen. Hatch who have already done so, by sending such a letter. I know that anything relating to children is an issue of great importance in Utah, where we treasure our children as the next generation of Americans.

My husband and I have placed our faith in you as our representative to Congress. I follow politics enough to know that the Republicans’ power in the House is greatly reduced. Still, we count on you to do the work in Washington that we cannot—to exercise what influence you can on those for whom we cannot vote, who are nevertheless in a position of power over us. Please do not let us down!

Wacky B. Hermit