Tuesday, January 27, 2009


When Momma ain't happy, ain't NOBODY happy!

Julie Vallese, the now-former spokesperson for CPSC, REALLY pissed off the moms when she blamed "mommy bloggers" for spreading "misinformation" about the CPSIA. Any married man can tell you that is the one thing you do NOT do. You NEVER piss off the moms. They may not have as big a lobby as the librarians, but if they think for one minute you're a threat to them or especially to their babies, they will go straight for your jugular and they will not let go until you stop twitching.

This post is to congratulate all the "mommy bloggers" out there, and all the bloggers who are moms, and all the non-bloggers who are moms who are spreading the word about CPSIA. Our businesses pay our bills and in some cases are literally saving our children's lives, paying for medical treatments (or sometimes just for Mom to get out of the house before she strangles the kids). This IS our lifeline. And if you try to cut it, the last thing you see before you pass out will be a stroller gang descending on your pitiful candy @$$.

Go on, Congress. Make. My. Day. Bring a change of underwear, you're gonna need it. (No, I will NOT clean it up. Big boys clean up after themselves.)