Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Change Of Plans

The tide may be turning in the fight against CPSIA. Last Friday, Reps. Rush and Waxman and some friends published a letter to the CPSC, basically spanking them for not doing what Congress damn well should have done in writing the law-- that is, thinking through how exactly it might be implemented. They did make one thing clear though-- they fully intended this law to be the way it is-- vague enough to put people at the whim of the enforcers. But this is still a positive step-- it wasn't long ago that they felt it was a non-issue; now it's a big enough issue for them to write a letter. It damn well should be an issue-- it made the top ten at, right along with issues like health care and gay marriage.

So the new emphasis in our calling campaign will be to call the office of the Committee on Energy and Commerce, of which Rep. Waxman is the chair and Rep. Rush is a member and former chair. Please, everyone, call them at (202) 225-2927. Call them every day. Hell, call them twice a day! Annoy the crap out of them (they deserve it). Ask them to at the very least extend the deadline past Feb. 10. The country got 4 years to convert to HD television broadcasting; why the hell should the children's industry get six months to change all their operations in accordance with guidelines that have yet to be worked out?