Monday, December 11, 2006

Please Shoot Me Before It Gets Any Worse, Part 387

While I was gone at the craft show this weekend, FH and the kids cleaned up the study so that we could put a Christmas tree up there. FH must have found a box knife while he was cleaning up, but unfortunately it was left on the computer desk (in full reach of Bagel), because Bagel found it and cut his finger. He didn't come running to me screaming like a normal kid would, he just bled all over everything. When I found him bleeding I rushed him downstairs to where the first aid supplies are, and attempted to bandage his finger. He ripped off the first two bandages. I finally got him into a wrestling hold and got a cotton ball taped onto the cut, which was dripping blood. I had to roll tape all over his hand, then cover the tape and cotton ball with Vetrap, then cover his other hand in Vetrap too, to keep him from using it to rip the bandage off again. The bandages bothered him more than the cut! I held him, kicking and screaming, on my lap for several hellish minutes, trying to put pressure on the wound to get the bleeding to stop.

I let Bagel play with his trains for a while, to calm him down. I will need to look at the wound later on, to see if it's deep enough to need stitches (I suspect not, but because of the location it may need a butterfly bandage). I will try to look at it after he's had his nap, because it's going to be just impossible to look at it before. And once I take the bandage off, he's going to be royally pissed when I put it back on. I'm wondering if maybe I should take him to the hospital or doctor, where they could shoot him up with toddler tranquilizers or strap him to a gurney or something while we look at the wound. But right now I'm just all tapped out. I haven't slept more than an hour at a time for the last few nights because Knuckles has been coughing (he's not sick, he's doing the same thing that FH and Bagel do, for which FH and Bagel take Zyrtec and have inhalers). Our van died two weeks ago and I haven't been able to get out at all except to go to work, and FH is working late and has activities all week so I'm not likely to get out this week except to give my final exam, after which time I will be unemployed at least till the summer semester.

Please shoot me before it gets any worse.