Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Today's Damage Toll

Bagel is a really, really fun child, if by "fun" you mean "takes longer for you to clean up after than it does for him to mess."

Today's damage toll includes:
  • a lipstick
  • a couple square feet of carpet that had wet cookies smeared into it
  • a sippy cup, which he bit the top of the spout off of like Ozzy Osborne biting the head off a bat
  • my calculus lecture notes, which were thrown down the stairs
  • my work bag, which was dumped on the floor and the yarn balls scattered everywhere
  • a stack of tissue paper sheets
The sippy cups are particularly vulnerable to attack. Not only does he bite the spouts off, he has been known to stick pencils down the spouts, breaking them and spoiling their "spill proof" feature. One time he took a plastic tube that was about the same diameter as the silicone inset and shoved it right down the center of the lid ring, knocking the inset down inside the cup. I've thrown away at least half a dozen of these cups in the last few months.

At least Knuckles hasn't gotten his hands on any peanut butter lately.