Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Cookie Genocide

A dozen or so scruffy-looking cookies are herded into the refugee Tupperware. Even though they're freshly baked, they have a sad, stale, world-weary air about them. They are all that's left of a vibrant batch of cookies that, just hours before, was alive and warm and fresh out of the oven.

That was before a mysterious group of children preyed on their cookie village. All the cookies that were out on the cooling rack were horribly eaten. Pools of crumbs, not yet even dry, mark the spots where they perished, and trails of crumbs can still be seen on the kitchen floor. Even those still on the cookie sheet were not spared. Some were mutilated, half their bodies chewed away by kids wielding cruel metal spatulas or picking them apart piece by piece with their bare hands.

"This is nothing short of genocide," said Chief Cook and Bottle-Washer Sarah Natividad. "These cookies were targeted simply because they were cookies. It's just inhumane."

Food critic Bagel disagrees. "Yummy cookie," he said earlier today. Bagel has been implicated in the slaughter, although it is believed he is not one of the ringleaders as he is too short to reach the counter.