Thursday, August 31, 2006

Cell Phones Should Be This Easy

Today I called to cancel my old cell phone service with Consumer Cellular. It's been a really great service. My mom told me about it. They have reasonably priced plans with no contracts and a free phone. I almost wish I hadn't had to cancel it, but FH had some technical considerations that required him to get a different phone service, and it's cheaper to add a second phone to his plan than to keep a second phone through Consumer Cellular.

So I'm telling everyone who wants a no-fuss keep-it-simple cell phone to get one through Consumer Cellular. We've never had problems with coverage, billing, changing plans, or even ending the plan. Some places if you call to close your account will give you the third degree and beg you to return, but all they said was "Sure, we'll take care of that for you today!" I'd go back to them in a heartbeat. But since I can't, I'll do the next best thing and tell my blog readers about them.