Friday, August 25, 2006

Sonshine at School

Sonshine had his very first school lunch yesterday. I gave him his lunch money in the morning and sent him off.

When he got home I asked him how it was, and he told me about how wonderful it tasted (!) and how he was looking forward to buying lunch again. This morning, though, he revealed that one of the things he liked most about it was that it was free.

Trouble is, we don't qualify for free lunch.

Somehow he managed to get his lunch without paying for it. So I told him that wasn't right, that he was to take the money I'd given him yesterday and pay it at the office, since if he didn't, I'd be getting a note saying that he owed the money. And I sent Princess to supervise his paying of the money. She called me from the school to let me know that he just left the money on the counter and ran for it (and would I please bring her lunch since she left it at home). He was scared and ashamed that he had done it wrong his very first time. So when I brought Princess her lunch, I asked about the money and they gave it to me and told me they didn't know who had left it, and I told them what happened. I took the money to the lunch room and paid for the lunch.

Aside from the Great Non-Paying Lunch Debacle Of 2006, Sonshine is having a great time in school. He likes his new teacher and loves that he can walk home with Princess now. Princess is not so thrilled with that particular development; she's used to walking home exclusively with her friends. But she'll get used to it.