Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Having a Depressing Day

I didn't get in at the Salt Lake City Farmer's Market, and I'm on hold at EPS (again) trying to find out why they are charging me random amounts of money for my merchant services. They have yet to ever send me a statement. Hopefully this time I'll get to talk to someone who actually works for EPS, instead of someone who works for a company to which EPS has outsourced answering their customer service calls and has been instructed to tell everyone they can't help them and they should call someone else, anyone else, as long as it's not EPS.

With the rejection letter, the Downtown Alliance enclosed a helpful list of other venues. Some of them look like they'd be worth checking out. I've heard that you can also apply to sell outside of the market; it's less prestigious and you're not guaranteed a spot, but you pay one fee and you can sell all year at various locations in SLC. The only problem is, I looked at the guidelines, and they say you can only sell crafts that have a "message" on them or inherent in them. There's no writing on any of my stuff, and it doesn't carry a nonverbal message as far as I can tell (except maybe "wash your dishes"), so I don't think I would qualify.

It just seems lately like everything takes five times more work. Honestly, I might be better off with a job at Wal-Mart; that only takes four times as much work as what I was doing before to make the same amount of money.