Sunday, April 23, 2006

Motherhood, Explained For Geeks

This is a modified version of how I explained to FH why I really don't want to homeschool the kids next year:

We are running four programs: Princess 8.8, Sonshine 6.4, Bagel 2.2 and Knuckles 1.0. If you run all four of them simultaneously, there's not enough bandwidth left to run applications like Cleaning 2.0 and MommyNaps (which can only be accessed when Bagel 2.2 and Knuckles 1.0 are running in "hibernate" mode). If we don't run Cleaning 2.0 then Husband 3.5 encounters fatal errors, and if we don't run MommyNaps then Husband 3.5 can't access the out-put of Mommy 3.2.

So if we run all four simultaneously all the time, as we'd have to if we were homeschooling, Bad Things Will Happen.