Sunday, April 16, 2006

Baby Animal Day Sucks Less For One Day, But Still Sucks Overall

Baby Animal Day sucked considerably less on Saturday. Being inside the Livery Stable, and not having my merchandise blowing around or covered in straw, got me considerably more sales than I'd gotten the previous two days. I wish I'd moved in there earlier on Friday with the gourd lady. Hell, I wish I'd moved in there Thursday as soon as we realized the wind would not allow us to set up at all. This might have been the $500 show I dreamed it would be if I'd done that. But it just didn't occur to us to set up indoors until Friday. I hate being so sleep-deprived. I come up with good ideas like that when I've had enough sleep. I think my IQ has dropped about 10 points for every child I've had.

My mom came out and bought a whole bunch of my stuff to give as gifts to her friends and colleagues. I don't know whether to hate it or love it when she does that. Of course, I love that I'm selling merchandise, and that it's being distributed to other people (free advertising!) and it seems like it should be a win-win situation-- she gets gifts to give out and I get money. But it makes me want to say "really, Mom, I'm not eight years old any more and you don't have to buy my silly little crafts just to boost my self-esteem." Especially since my silly little crafts are no longer selling at the 25 cent price point they were at when I was eight.

After these last three days I'm physically and mentally exhausted. My face itches from the sunburn and my feet hurt. I need about a week off, but I can't take it. I've got to try to promote my products even harder now that the business has bills to pay. I started an Earth Day sale on the website (20% off all organic cotton products thru April 30) and I've gotta find some environmental bulletin boards or forums that allow advertisements, so that I can promote it. (If you know of any such sites, e-mail me or drop a comment.)