Friday, April 07, 2006

April Showers?

I just took a peek at the 10-day weather forecast for Logan, and it looks like they're predicting rain for all three days of Baby Animal Days. How will this affect sales? I don't know. You'd think that rain would drive people away from a venue that's bound to be muddy, but one of our best sales days at the Gardeners' Market was the day it was pouring rain. Why? Because our 10x10 canopy-covered booth was configured in such a way that people could stand inside it, and a lot of the other booths weren't. People came into our booth to get out of the rain, and when they did, they saw all the really cool stuff we had and bought it.

This year we have an even better 10x10 with nice zippered sidewalls, which the other one didn't have (we used a sheet of plastic to make emergency sidewalls that rainy day) and we also have a credit card reader to make those impulse purchases a little bit more convenient. Also I have a propane heater that can help keep customers (and Knuckles) warm. So maybe these April showers will bring May flowers.

UPDATE 4/8: I checked the forecast again and now they're predicting rain only for Saturday. Probably they'll change their minds about it again before I actually get there.