Sunday, April 16, 2006

Seder Dinner

Last night I attended Seder dinner at my sister's house. I was late arriving because I had to take down the booth at Baby Animal Day. I missed the Plagues and arrived just as they were singing Dayenu. I didn't get to sit through very much of the rest, though, because the minute I arrived I was beset by small crying boys. First I had to nurse Knuckles, and then Bagel wanted his mommy and wouldn't quit crying, so I took him out and nursed him too, just to get him to shut up. He found it utterly incomprehensible that we would be sitting at the table, surrounded by the smell of food, and not be eating anything but the Froot Loops that he'd been offered as a snack. Fortunately by the time he was done nursing, it was time for the meal. Then I nursed Knuckles again, and then Knuckles got colicky, and after that Bagel got whiny and tired so I put him down in a bedroom to rest. He promptly opened the door and went to play with the other kids, and while I wasn't looking he drew blood on Knuckles' face in two separate spots. Did I mention we're supposed to get portraits taken of the kids on Monday?

Sometime between nursings of Knuckles (it's all sort of a blur) was the hunt for the Afikomen. Princess found the Afikomen for the third year running and brought it proudly into the dining room followed by a parade of sad children screaming that it wasn't fair. Papa asked her how much she wanted for it, and she said "Ten dollars." After some serious bargaining she gave it up for one dollar. He told me we'd have to work on her bargaining skills, to which I replied, "She got you to pay the maximum amount you would have paid out, didn't she?" He couldn't argue with that, since it was true.