Saturday, January 28, 2006

What If Captain Moroni Had A Blog?

Sonshine, imaginative child that he is, is always engaging in flights of fancy that begin with "What if...", as in "What if trees were our toes and toes were trees?" Today it's my turn. What if Captain Moroni were a blogger?

Would Captain Moroni have felt such a strong need to get up on the tower with his ripped-up, written-on cloak (which probably made his wife cringe) and wave his message around for all to see? Or would he have sat at his computer and just blogged about it? Would he actually have sent that letter to Governor Pahoran accusing him of treason, or would he have just posted it on his blog and gotten a lot of "Yeah!"s from his fellow troops?

Does blogging really make a difference? Is blogging a form of political action? Discuss.