Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Shameless Blatant Advertising

The online tutoring service I work for,, is launching a new service today called Online Homework Help. This is similar to their current service, Live Homework Help, except that subscriptions are offered to individuals instead of just to libraries and schools. Plus, we now have a bitchin' new online classroom environment that beats the hell out of the old one. The downside is that while they're running the pilot program from now through June, we tutors still have to provide both services... simultaneously. Still, I'm hoping that as more and more homeschoolers and kids with attentive parents sign on, I'll get fewer requests for sexual favors by unsupervised kids screwing around in the computer lab.

Anyway, they are offering a free one-day trial, so if online tutoring services were something you were thinking about purchasing, or if you're a cheapskate who needs help with homework, check it out. And if you are interested in being an online tutor, when you apply be sure to mention my name as the person who referred you. (It's not that hard to figure out my real name if you don't already know it, but if you send me an e-mail, I'll be happy to let you know.)