Thursday, January 12, 2006

Website Modifications

I installed a module on my business website that will allow wholesale customers to order online with wholesale prices. I'm still doing a few tweaks to it, but it seems to be working. It would probably work a lot better if I knew how to program in PHP. I'd love to learn, but I just don't have the time.

In fact, I barely got this module installed at all. Princess left the twist tie off the big bag of suckers, which is kept in a low enough cabinet that Bagel can reach it. Suckers are Bagel's favorite-- in fact, all candies are "cuh-cuh" ("sucker") to him-- so he was all over that bag. I'm still, a whole day later, finding half-eaten and fully-eaten suckers laying around the house, and untouched suckers hidden behind furniture or under piles of laundry. Bagel would go up and get himself a couple, and then Sonshine would see that he had one and insist whinily on having one as well, and then I had to stop what I was doing and confiscate all the suckers. Bagel didn't like that and went digging through the trash can to get all his half-eaten suckers back. Then he discovered that there are all sorts of really cool things in the trash cans, so he started digging through trash cans just on general principles.

Between the suckers and the trash cans and the whining for total equality, I'm amazed I didn't screw the whole thing up any more than I did. As it was I had to restore my cart from the backup twice, mostly because there are something like half a dozen directories called "includes" and which one you install the file to makes a difference.