Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Today's Scripture

A reading from the Book of Rejoicings:

12 And behold, the children mourned; for they said, the car is no more, it lieth in the garage, and it will not start again, and our father must buy a new one.

13 And the car lay dead in the garage for three weeks.

14 And when the third week had been fulfilled, behold the husbandman cometh with his wrenches; and the husbandman removeth the starter, which was broken but which hath a lifetime warranty.

15 And still the children mourned, and the wife also; for they said, behold, the starter is a California starter, which is different from all other starters for this make of car, for it hath offset gears. And the store saith that it hath the starter in stock, but the store lieth, for no store yet hath carried this starter.

16 Thus spake the children and the wife, and the husband also. And the children wept, for they would have to walk to school for many days until the ordering of the starter was fulfilled. And the wife wept also, for she was heavy with child, and the journey to the school exceedeth one mile, and behold she would have to journey three times each day, for her son was in Kindergarten.

17 And the time was fulfilled that the wife and children should go to the store, which saith that it hath the starter. And behold, the store lieth not, and the starter did appear. And verily, it was a shiny new starter, with offset gears.

18 Thus the children rejoiceth, and the wife also; but the husband beheld not the starter, for he was at his meeting.