Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Bagel Speaks; Says "This"

Bagel finally found a book that he can sit and look at without throwing it across the room: Cat Is Sleepy by Satoshi Kitamura. I've always loved Kitamura's illustrations of the cluttered rooms; they are full of familiar objects that you can point to on the page. And the book doesn't really have a necessary sequence to it, so it doesn't annoy the adult too much when the child flips back and forth between the pages instead of looking at them in sequence.

Bagel has really enjoyed this book. We read it every day. He's now started saying "What's this?" (instead of just "this"). The nativity set, which he examines every day, has stimulated his interest in animal sounds. He's particularly fond of the sheep ("Ba! Ba!") and the cow, although he keeps insisting the cow says "Ba! Ba!" too. In the Kitamura book he likes the rubber ducky and that the ducky says "Quack Quack," and he's expressed some interest in the cat saying "Meow."

So Bagel is starting to open up and talk now, which is good.