Tuesday, November 29, 2005

3... 2... 1... We're On Live!

The new Curious Workmanship website is up and running with a limited product selection. More products will be added as I get photos prepared, but I wanted to go live as soon as possible so that I can sell that which I do have ready in time for Christmas shoppers.

I would appreciate it if my three blog readers would take just a minute and check out the site. In particular I'd like to know if you can see the PayPal Verified logo that should appear in a box at the top of the right sidebar. I can't see it at home, but FH and my sister say they can see it at work. We've tried and tried to get it to appear, but it just refuses to do it on our home computer downstairs (it will, however, appear upstairs). I tried emptying the browser cache, because I've refreshed that page about a hundred times and I'd had a problem like that before that was fixed by emptying the cache. But that didn't do the trick, and we're having the same problem in IE, which I haven't used at all to view the page before.

If you would really like to help me test it, and you trust me, I would like to do at least one "live" test purchase, with payment actually sent. I would, of course, refund your money right after your purchase is made if you're not actually interested in buying anything (drop me an e-mail and let me know if you'd like to do this for me). I just want to see if everything will go through properly, and I don't want to find out it's not working the hard way. FH offered to give it a try, but in light of the problem I'm having with the PayPal logo, I'd kind of like to have one that's not done from our computer at home.

UPDATE: I did nothing, but the PayPal Verified logo is now showing up on my downstairs computer.

I also added gift certificates. Let me know what you think.