Thursday, January 19, 2006

Shipping Delays?

Well, the good news is our white Christmas finally arrived. The bad news is, it's just a few weeks too late. Problems with the shipping carrier, I hear...

We got about a foot of so-called "lake effect" snow last night, and it's still coming down and will be all day. They didn't cancel school, but we ended up leaving late because we were waiting to hear from FH that he had gotten to work safely and didn't need us to go pick him up from the side of a road somewhere. FH got stuck about a mile out from home and had to be pulled out of the snow by a friendly stranger with a tow rope, so we figured we'd wait up for him.

We were also hoping that the later start would give the plows a chance to get to more of the roads on the route to school. And of course there was always the off-chance that they might cancel school after all, although out here in Utah we're not the snow-day wimps they were back East. When I lived in New Hampshire, they would cancel school at the drop of a single snowflake. Utahns just don't do school closure for anything less than two feet of snow, and even then it'd be a tough call. But then again, we have far superior roads. What passed for "major streets" in Manchester were winding, tree-lined two lane roads. I think you could count on one hand the number of four-lane roads in the whole city, and Manchester is the largest city in the entire state, with a population then of about 1 million. That was about 10 years ago; I don't know if anything's changed since. It's difficult enough to drive in the snow, but driving on streets like that would cause so much traffic that they might have closed the schools just to keep people off the roads. In Utah, the roads are much, much wider and infinitely better maintained.