Saturday, January 21, 2006

The End Is Near

Yesterday afternoon I suffered from a sudden inability to walk around without incurring extreme pelvic pain. Sitting was better, but I could only sit for so long before I had to lie down. And I couldn't put my legs together without pain, either. I had to recline on half a dozen pillows in a semi-sitting position to get any relief. When I woke up this morning, Knuckles was kicking me. That wouldn't be so astonishing, except that he was kicking me in the ribs, somewhere his feet haven't been anywhere near for the entire pregnancy.

All you ladies who've been pregnant before know what this means: Knuckles is engaged. For those not in the know, "engaged" means he's now committed to coming out headfirst (as opposed to some other part first) because his head is now stuck in my pelvis. That's generally a good thing, although it is very uncomfortable. This is the one time in his life when you hope his engagement lasts less than a month.

This is also the point in the pregnancy when you feel an overwhelming desire to tell your doctor, "I don't care if he's six weeks premature, I want him out NOW!"

Give me a few days to adjust to the increased level of pain, then I'll be back on my feet and running after my boys again.