Monday, July 25, 2005

Watch What You Say To The Lord

Trying to be positive about this move and all the stress I'm under, I looked for things to be grateful for, and expressed them in my prayers. A friend of mine whose husband works with my husband was having a difficult pregnancy on top of having to move too, so I said, "I'm grateful that at least, even with all that's going on, I'm not pregnant on top of everything else." Then I begged the Lord once again to help us know what to do to find a buyer for our house.

The Lord has heard and answered my prayer. Not surprisingly, he skipped right over the part where I begged him to help us sell our house, and got right to the part where I got pregnant on top of everything else.

So we're expecting #4 in March.

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad to have the chance to bring another of the World's Cutest Kids into the world. The world needs many, many more lovely golden-brown-skinned chocolate-almond-eyed Cutest Kids to bring up the average level of child cuteness. Kids bring me great joy. It's just that it really throws about a boxful of monkey wrenches into our plans, those same plans that just had a boxful of monkey wrenches thrown into them by the job relocation. Instead of spending the next year picking monkey wrenches out of the works, I'm now going to spend the next three to five years picking out monkey wrenches.

Well, the Lord did say "go forth and multiply," and since, as Kroneker asserted, God created the integers and the rest is the work of man, I have to assume God meant "multiply by a coefficient greater than 1." Since the next integer up is 2, four children will put the two of us right at a desired Godly integer multiplying factor. QED.