Thursday, July 28, 2005

Gotta Love That Curry

My brother-in-law Jay, who served a mission for our church in Japan, turned me on to Japanese curry. A friend of mine recommended the Vermont Curry, which despite its rather inexplicable non-connection with the state of Vermont is quite tasty and good. I personally like hot curries, but my kids think anything with a single fleck of ground pepper in it is "spicy," so I've only dared serve the "Mild" curry to my family.

It's hard to say what Vermont Curry tastes like. You can make out the honey and apple flavors that are advertised on the box, but as for the rest, it just doesn't taste like anything to me. Maybe that's because I make my own curry powder, and even though mine is mild, it has more spice flavor than Vermont Curry. And yet, this stuff is lip-smacking good. You want to go back and eat seconds and thirds. My kids will actually eat potatoes and carrots if they are smothered in Vermont Curry. The sauce is creamy and smooth and ohhhhh, soooooo goooooood.

Bagel gave this curry his Baby Gourmet Seal Of Approval.