Saturday, March 19, 2005

The Pirate Party

The pirate party went well.

These are some of Sonshine's friends decorating their treasure boxes.

This was the short-lived moment of opening the treasure chest after the treasure hunt. The treasure box was made out of a cardboard box and a cardboard flat (which provided the curved top), assembled with masking tape and spray-painted brown. Lock and band detailing on the lid were added with a dry-erase marker. We filled the treasure chest with Ring Pops, plastic gold coins, butter rum Life Savers, and round chocolates.

Top view of the cake. The ship is a plastic toy ship that I got on clearance after Christmas. I just frosted the cake, stuck the ship on top, and squirted the rest of the frosting around it.

Princess plays violin to entertain the guests, while Bagel bounces in his new bouncy swing.

We sent the kids home entirely high on sugar. They each dug into one of their Ring Pops from the treasure chest, and then we fed them cupcakes and juice. We sent them outside to play ball and games and hack at the remaining snow with their pirate swords, but they were still wired when they went home for dinner.

The family dinner which followed the kids' party included buffalo "parrot" wings, "fingers" in barbecue sauce (little smokies sausages), and fresh banana peppers. These last were provided mostly for the fig leaf of serving a vegetable with so much meat. My mother was at the party; you can't serve a meal of only meat with your mother in attendance, even if the meat is all your kids will eat.