Thursday, March 17, 2005

K-Mart Ripped Me Off!!

I am totally exhausted and our tax refund came in, so I decided to spend my morning out shopping. I'm searching high and low for decent summer clothes for Princess, and I decided to go to K-Mart. And what do I find there, but some ponchos that are exactly like my asymmetrical ponchos. And I mean exactly. I didn't count the rows, but the stitch count is exactly the same, and they're using a 3x1 mock rib just like me.

Damn You, K-Mart!!!!!!!

Of course, the K-Mart ponchos are nowhere near as nice as mine. They're in a rayon/cotton boucle, and they decided to make the fringe out of cut pieces of the same boucle. The first time that poncho is washed, half the fringe will shred away, and the second time the other half will shred away. But the clock has started ticking on my design. If it has hit K-Mart, it doesn't have much of a shelf life left.