Sunday, March 13, 2005

Gray Is The New Black

I've been trying to decide what colors of yarn to buy to make ponchos. I want to make a whole bunch of ponchos because they are more profitable than the oven mitts and dishcloths, and also because after having made a few thousand oven mitts and dishcloths, I'm thoroughly sick of them. I'm also thinking of taking my product line in the direction of dyed things rather than handmade things. I found some really neat silk/rayon burnout velvet scarf blanks that can be easily dyed to produce a two-color effect. I've heard rumors that these scarves are highly fashionable, selling for upwards of $50 at department stores, and are being worn in bright accent colors.

I'm thinking that anything I can make 20 of in my washing machine and sell for $15 each is a good product. If I could make that kind of quantity, I could do larger shows. And unless I can come up with a product that I can make in large quantities, I'm pretty much stuck doing nickel-and-dime business at the Gardeners' Market. The Market is fun and it's profitable enough that I'll keep doing it, but it's not exactly bringing in wheelbarrows full of cash. I'd really like to do an all-weekend show like Summerfest.

Anyway, I've been looking at the Pantone color forecasts for this spring and fall, and I notice that gray is being used as the "new black," i.e. the color that "goes with everything". (Mim, who dresses almost exclusively in gray, is very excited.) I personally like charcoal gray with a bluish cast, but it seems the fashionable palette has more of a medium gray with a yellowish cast.

So, readers, which gray should I choose? The charcoal or the lighter gray, or both? And which colors do you think would make good velvet burnout scarves?

UPDATE: I had a brainstorm and thought about dyeing the scarves in three shades of the same color. For example, a tomato red, a brick red, and a scarlet red. Then the scarf would match all different types of red. This idea seems to be playing well with the couple of friends I've bounced it off of. If I do this, what colors do you think people would like? Red, obviously, but maybe blues? yellows? greens? grays? (maybe not grays because scarves are colorful accessories)