Monday, March 14, 2005


I was poking around on the 'net and thought, "Hey, I should mozy on over to see if Summerfest has their vendor applications yet." For non-Cache-Valleyites, Summerfest is the big art fair and music festival in mid-June in Logan. There are hayrides, live music, lots of great food including Favorite Husband's favorite funnel cakes, and lots of really beautiful stuff for sale. I'd heard a rumor that vendor spots were running something on the order of $400 and I thought I'd see if it were true. Nope-- vendor spots are only $150! That put it in my price range for a big show (which, as I noted in the post below, I can only feasibly do if I drop the crocheted items from my inventory and take up something more profitable). "This is cool," I thought, and downloaded the application. "I can use the profits from my Easter show to buy materials for the new line of scarves. Now when is this due?"

And that's when I went "Eeeeek!" because it is due Tuesday.

Summerfest is a juried show, which means that they want pictures of what you are selling so that they make sure it's not total schlock and will preserve the reputation of the show. I have pictures of ponchos, but I don't have any pictures of the scarves because I haven't made any yet. I immediately placed my order with Dharma Trading for some dyes, chemicals, and scarf blanks so that I can work up a prototype as fast as possible. But the soonest it could arrive is Tuesday, and then I'd have to do the dyeing and get a picture of it over to the office by 5pm. Our mail arrives in the afternoon, right before I have to leave to take Princess to violin lessons. There's no way in hell I can get the prototype done in time to get a picture of it in to the jury by the deadline. And according to their rules, you're not allowed to sell anything the jury hasn't had a chance to look at and approve.

I wrote an e-mail to the lady in charge asking if I could turn one of my pictures in a day late. When I hear back from her, I'll update the post.

UPDATE: I got really impatient (Nooo, Wacky Hermit impatient???) and called the office to ask my questions. I can submit the pic of somebody else's scarf, and all should be well.