Sunday, November 07, 2004

Bagel Sleeps Through The Night!

Bagel is sleeping through the night now-- and even better, he's sleeping in his crib!

I'm so glad he likes the crib. Tiny Princess never liked the crib, not for one moment. When you put her in it, she would cry for as long as she was in it. If you left her in it for an hour, she'd cry for an hour; if you left her overnight she'd cry all night. She'd stay up crying until I picked her up, at which point she would promptly fall asleep of exhaustion. But if you then put her back down in the crib she'd wake up and cry again. Sonshine would sleep in the crib, but he nursed so often that it was kind of a moot point.

Bagel, though, loves his crib as a quiet place where he can get some rest. Now that he's discovered the crib, he will no longer sleep in his swing. At naptimes (which are now occurring regularly in the morning and afternoon), he will fuss quietly until I put him in his crib. We had to put a pillow from our bed in the crib before he felt comfortable there and understood that it was a place to sleep. But he loves it so, you can see the relief in his face when he's laid in the crib to sleep.

Bagel has also decided that his favorite textile is fleece. He won't wear anything but one-piece fleece suits. He'll put up with non-fleece one-piece suits, but he hates being made to wear pants, even fleece pants; I don't think he likes the waistband.

Bagel adores being extra super warm. He sleeps in his crib under several layers of a folded-up winter blanket. He'll cry when I leave him in the crib unless I put the layers of blanket on him. He doesn't approve of the change of weather; having been born in the summer, he thinks it's supposed to be ninety degrees all the time. But if you make him snuggly warm and then put an additional blanket on top of that, he'll be quite content, whether sleeping or awake.