Saturday, October 30, 2004

Bagel Food

I gave Bagel about a tablespoon of rice cereal last night. I was going to exclusively breastfeed him for six months, but I gave in because hoped I could get him to sleep for once. I could really do with a night's sleep, or at least a quickie with Favorite Husband.

I put a bit of the cereal in Bagel's mouth, and he gave me this quizzical look like "What's this? It doesn't taste like milk!" Then I put a spoonful of it in my mouth, and you could see the realization come over his face-- "Ahhh, it's that 'food' stuff you guys eat! Cool!! I've been wanting to try some of that!" And he ate it all gleefully.

And then he slept. Not too long, just long enough for me to get a little bit of stuff done.

We'll give him some more tonight...

UPDATE: The second feeding didn't go well at all. With each spoonful he gagged and threw up a considerable amount of milk.