Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Test The Shopping Cart!

The shopping cart is ready on my business website. It's now time to see if the cart really works from computers other than my own!

I would like to invite my readers who come across this message on or before 1 November to test out my shopping cart system. It's quick, easy, and fun! Just go to the website, select whatever you want (no limit, since you're not paying!), and check out as if you were buying it! When it asks for your billing info, just enter some nonsense like sdlkfhklasjhd (be sure to enter a bogus e-mail addy too) and when it asks for payment method, click "Test Payment Option". You won't be actually buying anything. (If you really do want to buy something, though, you can, but you will need to give a real address and choose a real payment option.)

Just for fun too, if you place a test order, you can try entering one of these options where it asks for a voucher number. If you enter 111040015 it should give you 15% off, and if you enter 211045629 it should give you free shipping.

You can place as many test orders as you like. Try a bunch of different options, add items from different pages, etc.! Make sure to e-mail me, though, if you encounter any difficulties or notice any room for improvement, broken links, returning you to a page you weren't shopping on when you return to shopping, etc. When I first started testing the cart system, it kept tacking on enormous shipping charges (like $270 for $10 worth of merchandise) until I figured out what it was doing wrong. Stuff like that I'd like to hear about.

Thanks in advance, everyone!