Wednesday, November 03, 2004

John Kerry Shows His Quality

I just heard on the radio (and confirmed on the internet) that Kerry plans to call off his 3200 lawyers and concede Ohio to Bush, which means he will lose the election. While I'm glad that Bush won, I also applaud Kerry for his decision to not take this election down the same undignified road that Gore took in the 2000 election. In this, Kerry shows his quality; although he's no Faramir, he's a better man than Gore was, and that's comforting. When I heard last night that he planned to fight for every last scrap of a vote in Ohio, I was worried that the 2000 precedent was going to be the new pattern for every subsequent election. By not going there, I think Kerry has made his greatest accomplishment in public service-- he has helped preserve the integrity of our electoral system.

So with the champagne we pop to celebrate Bush's victory, let's all drink a toast to John Kerry: Worthy Opponent.