Friday, October 08, 2004

Great... Now How About Clothes For The REST Of Us??

Sears is getting praise for its "multicultural marketing"-- which seems to boil down to having styles of clothes that customers in their area like, in sizes that fit them.

Great! More power to Sears for being responsive to their customers' needs. Now how about offering some clothing at non-"multicultural" stores that fits people like me, who don't fall neatly into some well-defined "victimized" ethnic category, but still don't have the "ideal" figure, which nowadays seems to be that of a busty eleven-year-old boy in a Wonderbra. Narrow hips, flat tummy? What percentage of women of any ethnicity do you think actually have that sort of figure? Worse yet, what percentage of women who don't have that figure are still having to squeeze themselves into hip-hugger pants, with rolls of hip and belly fat hanging over their stylish belts, just because nothing that fits better is available?

I went shopping for pants yesterday, and it was a disaster. None of the fashionable pants had waists that would cover my butt-crack. All the pants with waists that would fall above my thrice-child-stretched belly were elastic waisted "grandma pants". Elastic waists generally don't fit me because my waist is so much smaller proportionally than my hips. I need pants with belt loops so I can cinch them in. I've had to shop at thrift stores and get outdated styles of pants, just to get ones that fit.

Some of us, especially the ones who've had kids, aren't exactly fashion-plate material, but we still want clothes that are stylish and feminine, not dowdy elastic-waisted knit pants. Give us some pants that don't have waists that fall below our bulgy bellies! Sell us shirts that cover our stretch-marked navels! Make us clothes that will look good on women who have developed all of their secondary sex characteristics, not just the ones on top!