Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Cleaning Sonshine's Room

I've tried to clean and organize Sonshine's toys a couple of times, but to no avail. First, the job has to be done while Sonshine is at preschool, because he is such a pack rat that he can't stand the idea of getting rid of any of his toys, although he doesn't miss them when they're gone. Second, he has so many of these useless toys spirited away, along with all sorts of other things, that it takes longer than his preschool session to go through all of them. And last, the garbage must be taken out and the toys with life still in them must be disposed of or taken to charity before he comes home. He will wait until you're not looking and fish the toys out of the garbage. Anything that doesn't belong in his room must likewise be put completely away out of sight before he comes home, or he will fetch it right back in.

Because I cannot complete the entire job in one preschool session, I just boxed up the crap from his room (trash and all) and chucked it in the storage unit. I can go through a box every time he goes to school. It will take a few weeks to go through it all, but I have no other choice. There are a large number of things on the porch waiting to be dealt with that depend on being able to get into his room.

Today I found in his room pieces of a toy that was broken months ago, fixed, broken again, and thrown away at least three times that I know of. I found several items that had been missing, including two small pumpkins I'd bought for decoration (he insisted he was using them to decorate his room, but they were "decorating" the underside of a pile of toys under his slide.) I found some heavily-stomped packages of noodles, and several cans of food I'd thought I was out of. You never know what you'll find in Sonshine's room!