Sunday, October 03, 2004

Business Is Booming

Things are going well for Curious Workmanship, my fledgling business. We had our best day ever yesterday, with sales exceeding even Memorial Day weekend. Mim sold almost all her knitted items and took orders for many more, and I had several customers who bought multiple gift sets. We think the cold has driven people to start thinking more about warmies and Christmas gifts.

Yesterday's sales will allow me to buy all the yarn that I need to get me through the Christmas season without investing my allowance or going into debt. Yay! Another day like this and I may be able to afford to take the QuickBooks donation link off the sidebar!

In the meantime, as the Gardeners' Market nears the end of its season, we are looking into holiday markets. We signed up for one in November, but we'd like to do one in December as well, to sell to those who need to get fully in the holiday spirit before they buy their gifts.