Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Educator Discounts, HERE I COME!!

I popped in at the market on Saturday to talk to one of the other vendors about collaboration, and someone stopped me and asked if the lady from Rumplestiltskin (a new Fiber Arts Supply shop in town) had gotten a hold of me yet. I said no, and the person who talked to me gave me her card and took my information as well to give to her. And during the day, while I wasn't there a bunch of people who all asked if the Rumplestiltskin lady had gotten a hold of me. It was kind of crazy, but intriguing.

So I called her yesterday when I remembered to do it. She wasn't there, so she called me back in the evening after I got home from work. Turns out she wants me to for sure teach the sock knitting class at her shop. She's already got like 5 people lined up for it and she's only been open for a month. Also, she's got someone who is considering, but not sounding very enthusiastic about it, teaching the Knitting 101 class. But she would rather have me teach it if the lady doesn't want to... or have me teach one section and have the other lady teach another. So yes... if the reluctant lady decides not to, then I will be teaching both Knitting 101 and Sock knitting. I was talking to the Rumplestiltskin lady (I really wish I could remember her name!), and she sounded really enthusiastic about the things I was talking about and the possibility of working up samples or things to sell in her shop out of her yarns. She's got a beautiful baby alpaca that I think I would give a few toes to try out and this way I wouldn't have to!! :D But yes... I'm very excited.

I'm gonna go home early because I don't really feel well, but I think that a few hours sleep will get me feeling well enough to get some stuff done. I need to go with my sister to open a business checking account for Curious Workmanship, and I need to go to Rumplestiltskin's and show the lady some of my stuff and get a plan worked up. I checked out Encyclopedia of Victorian Needlework again so I can work up some different heel turning varieties and some different toes. I want to try the star toe that's listed in there. It looks nice.

I will be officially able to get educator discounts on books and stuff too, since I will be a teacher. :)