Monday, October 04, 2004

crazy go nuts.

The felted bag turned out not so good at first. The gray shrunk more than the other yarn and the whole bag just looked distorted and seriously weird. Turns out there is a very good reason for that as I found out when I bought this book. It most likely got wrapped around the agitator and then stretched in funny ways. But I felted it again since I still had stitch definition and it turned out acceptable. As a note to myself though, I will probably never try another fairisle-ish felted bag again.

I think I will weave the cord in to make the handle.... not quite sure yet how I want to do that. I think it's interesting how mottled it got. The green tea-dyed yarn that was only slightly darker than the natural went crazy in the wash and turned that nice toffee brown. So not a complete failure afterall. But I had a better more fulfilling adventure in felting as well this weekend. I made this striped bag out of wool that WH and I Kool-Aid dyed about a year ago. The color was just lovely and I wasn't sure what I should do with it, but then I decided this was it.

Before, front and back:

After, front and back:

I'm happy with the way it's turned out so far. I still have some stitch definition (after 2 cycles), but I don't want it any smaller, so I think I will line the whole thing and then make a strap that matches the lining fabric. Maybe a blue/cream floral print thingy.... I'll go to JoAnn's and see what I can find.

I got a few other things done including hats on the knitting machine, but this is already getting long, so I won't hijack WH's blog anymore than this :D