Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Clever Husband!

Favorite Husband has found a work-around solution until I can afford to buy my own copy of QuickBooks!

He has a program called Virtual PC that allows you to simulate a computer running a different operating system. We've used it in the past to run old programs that would run in, say, Windows 95 but will not run in Windows XP. He also uses it when he's providing phone support to people who are running different operating systems. One of the things it allows you to do is to "save" the state of the virtual computer before you shut down your actual computer, starting it up again like nothing ever happened. And it works normally, although it runs very slowly at times.

So he installed QuickBooks 2004 trial version on a Virtual PC. I only get 15 uses of the trial version, but if I "save" the virtual computer's state, I never have to get to the other 14 uses. My husband is so clever! That's why I love him.