Monday, October 11, 2004

Are Our Kids That Vain And Punctual?

My kids take tumbling classes over at the Middle School. Lately I've been using that time to walk all around the school and get some exercise. I went down every hall (including the one that smells like the toilet flooded) and I noticed something that I thought was odd. Every thirty feet or so is a full-length mirror, but there isn't a single solitary clock in any hall.

[old crone voice] When I was in junior high, back in the Pleistocene, [/old crone voice] there was a clock fully visible from every point in the halls. But if you wanted to look at yourself, you had to go to the bathroom and find a spot on the mirror that wasn't covered in lipstick.

Are our kids so punctual that they no longer need clocks in the halls to remind them to get to class, and so vain that they can't walk thirty feet without checking their appearance?