Friday, July 09, 2004

BoM To Be Published

Doubleday is going to publish the Book of Mormon (and try to sell for $24.95 what anyone can get free for the asking... Good luck...) Evidently they're going to make an edition that's more like the first edition, which is actually a more readable format-- without cross-references, and with paragraphs rather than verses. I wonder if Doubleday is going to keep the verse numbers in there, too (they were not in the first edition).

Just FYI, there exist other editions of the Book of Mormon not published by the church. One that comes to mind right away is the large illustrated version that's been in all our local religious bookstores. There are others that are intended to be used as study editions.

It's always nice to read an unbiased news article about Mormon topics, as this one is. Too often articles about Mormons are full of scare quotes and disparaging tones, like "Joseph Smith claims to have 'translated' some wacky gold plates he says he found in the ground... what a maroon..." I can't imagine the media taking the same sort of tone with more "mainstream" religions, such as "Those crazy Episcopalians, who incredibly think that gay marriage should be solemnized by their church even though it's not supported by any Biblical scripture,..." It would just be rude to take that sort of tone about people's deeply held beliefs in a news article, but that doesn't seem to stop them.