Saturday, July 03, 2004

What's Wrong With These People?

I gave out free patriotic ribbon pins at my booth at the Gardeners' Market today. I did the same thing on Memorial Day and was heartened by how many people took the ribbons-- in fact, no one refused one. Today, however, was a different story. A lot of people refused the ribbons, some without even looking at them, and some of those without even being polite and saying "no, thanks".

I certainly hope they weren't declining the ribbons because they didn't think the holiday was worth celebrating or they didn't want to wear their country's colors. I know I shouldn't paint them all with that brush-- one lady turned us down because she still had the one from Memorial Day at home. Perhaps there were some vain people who just didn't like the shade of blue I'd selected. But I just have to wonder what the reasons were behind turning down a free pin, and if there were people there who are such sons-of-bitches that they wouldn't wear their own country's colors on the day we celebrate our country's birth.