Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Near Miss

Sonshine put some spare change in his little wallet and took it with him to the store, just in case they had something that cost less than 20 cents at Sam's Club. He kept dropping his change all through the store, but that was merely annoying.

Then he dropped his change in the middle of the parking lot aisle as we were approaching the car. He rushed out to retrieve it, and almost got hit by an oncoming mini-van. I kept yelling at him to leave the change and come to me, but he wouldn't listen. Providentially the van wasn't going so fast and the driver saw him even though he was on the van's blind side, but this could easily have been the worst day of my life. Needless to say, Sonshine got a whack upside the head and a good yelling-at for nearly taking my little boy away from me over a few pennies.

The only thing that sustains me during times like these is the thought that a boy with these same qualities will make a good Marine, who will risk unknown dangers to complete his mission and never leave a man behind. If he lives to the age of eighteen, five bucks says he joins the Marines. Semper Fi.